In this article I am going to show you two easy ukulele strumming patterns that are ideal for beginners who want to bring their playing to the next level.

When working on strumming patterns it is important to always use a metronome or a drum beat. You can find a lot of them online and I cannot stress enough the importance of practicing to a beat.

For this tutorial you must be comfortable counting 8th notes. This means two notes per beat.





Watch and learn these strumming patterns in this YouTube video

Pattern one: it is very easy and we are simply going to strum 8th notes

DU DU DU DU          D= Down Stroke   U=Up Stroke.

Whilst it might seem easy, this strumming pattern will help you develop your timing greatly.

Pattern Two: Works well to spice things up. It’s the same as pattern one but it has a muted chord on beat 2 and 4.

DU XU DU XU           X= muted chord

This strumming pattern is great when playing and singing. The muted chords add a percussive element that resembles that of snare drum. In fact, beat two and beat four are normally the beats where the snare drum plays in most pop songs.

So, what is your favorite strumming pattern? Can you play the second pattern I showed you?

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