You have just picked up the ukulele and you love it.

You like the sound of it and you think this is the perfect instrument for you to learn. Perhaps you tried guitar or piano in the past, but nothing works as well as the ukulele for you.

You feel you are serious about learning music and you are considering taking ukulele lessons…but you are not sure this is the right time. It’s probably better to wait until you are more confident and can play better…But is it really?

Do you believe one learns how to drive by herself/himself and then gets lessons when she/he’s better and wants to learn how to race?

You are not alone in this though! I used to feel the same. I was incredibly tense during my first music lesson but all the tension disappeared in the first 5 minutes of it.

I wish I hadn’t waited for too long though…I realized for many reasons that when you are starting out is really the best time to take lessons.

Let me tell you the top 3!

1. You avoid picking up bad habits! Once you learn something wrong it is really hard to unlearn it!

2. Your learning is balanced! You learn all the key musical ingredients, you understand what you are playing and you develop as a musician not as someone who just copies stuff.

3. You receive quality feedback and support to help you progress faster. The advice of an experienced teacher can really help you skyrocket your learning.

I hear you though…1:1 lessons have a cost…but wouldn’t you invest in something that brings you joy? I am sure you would!

If you want to acquire a solid music foundation and start becoming the ukulele player of your dreams consider taking a few lessons to see what you could achieve with the help of a teacher.

If you’re still unsure, book a FREE discovery call to talk about your goals and to receive some practical tips to put in action straightaway!

PS. What song are you learning at the moment?

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