Strumming is probably the technique that we use the most on the ukulele. 

We start strumming as soon as we get the ukulele. 

👉  Today I want to share with you three simple strategies that are often neglected, but that if used correctly can make you sound like a professional musician!

1️⃣ Add dynamics to your strumming patterns.

Don’t play the strumming the same way for the entire song, learn when to add dynamics, that way your strumming pattern will serve the song better and will also sound more interesting. 

2️⃣ Make sure you follow the strumming directions carefully.

Whether we strum down or up is not a casual matter. As you understand more about rhythm and play more difficult patterns you will realize why. It is worth spending a bit of extra time to get this right because remember it can be difficult to undo mistakes in the future!

3️⃣ Most of the movement comes from the wrist.

When you’re strumming make sure your wrist is relaxed and avoid moving your forearm too much.

If you want to learn more about strumming patterns check out my tutorial on them 

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