When you start learning a new instrument your first priority is to get started with chords and simple songs.
Unless you study with a teacher or from a course, then you don’t really work much on music itself.

This is very common and for most musicians (including me) it all started like this.

✨I bet that as you’re starting to learn the ukulele the two most common words you are looking for are strumming patterns and tabs.

These are in fact great tools that allow you to learn songs and to share music with other ukulelists.

❓However, there is a big question to ask… How much of these strumming patterns or tabs do you fully understand?

Take strumming patterns for example, their role is to support the song rhythmically- accompanying the singer to make it super clear. Can you really say that you’re learning a strumming pattern if you don’t know much about rhythm?

🎵Acquire the basics, practice using the metronome and with backing tracks and you will see that soon you will get to another level!

Often new ukulelists find it hard to come up with a strumming pattern for a song, even though they know hundreds of them. This is due to the fact that unless you understand what you are doing they won’t be able to create your own patterns.

💭Think about this…does it make sense to learn how to read with a correct French pronunciation if you don’t understand or speak much of the language?

🎵So going back to the ukulele- wouldn’t it be better to gain clarity and a clear understanding of what you’re playing?

Progress in a way that gives you full control of what you’re playing so that you can re-apply what you learn in other songs.

Does that sound like something you would like? If so, check out my ‘Learn With Me’ section! (include link)

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