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✅ Why learning music and learning the ukulele go together. Read this if you’re serious about making progress on the ukulele.

When you start learning a new instrument your first priority is to get started with chords and simple songs. … Read More

The 3 straightforward reasons why the best time to take ukulele lessons is when you are a beginner

You have just picked up the ukulele and you love it. You like the sound of it and you think this is the perfect instrument for you to learn. Perhaps you tried guitar or piano in the past, but nothing … Read More

Easy strumming pattern and how to practice it.

During my last tutorial some of you expressed the difficulty of practicing to a steady beat. So today I am going to show you a new strumming pattern and how to practice it effectively to a metronome and to a … Read More

Easy ukulele strumming patterns for beginners.

In this article I am going to show you two easy ukulele strumming patterns that are ideal for beginners who want to bring their playing to the next level. When working on strumming patterns it is important to always use … Read More

Learn Music Fast – Learn the Ukulele

Imagine how cool it would be to post videos of you playing music on Instagram or how fun it would be to gather with your friends to play and sing together. Today I am going to tell you why the … Read More

Ukulele for beginners-Video tutorial

So you are a beginner ukulele player and don’t really know where to start! Here I am with a free ukulele lesson to help you get started on this amazing instrument. When you start holding a ukulele you will see … Read More

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Top 5 Clip-on Tuners for Ukulele!

Ukuleles are one of the most fun instruments you can play. Once you are ready to practice ukulele, you want to have your instrument in tune.  Practicing with an out-of-tune ukulele isn’t ideal. Hence, we can rely on clip-on tuners … Read More