About Lessons

About Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn to play the ukulele? If you’re looking for personalized lessons that take your personal needs and skill levels into account- I’ve got you covered! My name is Vincenzo, and I specialize in teaching ukulele learners of all levels online! My ukulele classes take place on Zoom (or any other platform of your choice), meaning all you need is an internet-connected device.

My online ukulele lessons work just like in-person sessions. We’ll communicate live and in real-time, and YOU get to choose which songs YOU want to learn! Once you let me know what tunes you want to master, I can choose relevant exercises and provide them in the form of PDF notes. You can view these on-screen in your lesson or print them out!

Do you wanna know if lessons are for you?

Why Learn Ukulele Online with Vincenzo?

1-on-1 attention

Perfect for all levels, beginner to advanced

Online ukulele lessons via Zoom
or your video streaming platform of choice

Student-centric lessons

Ukulele e-learning sessions are the best way
to master your favorite songs!

Whether you want to pursue a serious career or just impress your friends,
my classes let you learn ukulele online quickly and easily.

I’ll start from scratch to show you all the tricks and skills you need to become a great musician, including: